Tuesday, December 08, 2009

OUTmusic Awards on LOGO Tonight.

Tonight, I will be going to the OUTmusic Awards, which I understand will be broadcast on the LOGO network. The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus recording of "Gabi's Song" is nominated in the category of Out Musician of the Year. If we win, I'll be accepting the award for them.

If your cable outlet carries LOGO, be sure to look for us!


Gabi Clayton said...

I'm so glad you will be there Steve and happy for the Chorus being nominated. I checked Logo and its not listed for tonight. Then I found "The show is being taped for later broadcast nationally by LOGO."
on Edge San Francisco: http://www.edgesanfrancisco.com/index.php?ch=entertainment&sc=music&sc2=&sc3=&id=99839

Ernie said...

If Gabi's Song doesn't win - then they will be the most stupid awards given next to the grammys - if it does win then I will have to pay attention to them LOL.

No matter what - you are an extrodinary song writer - and if you ever became a hit song writer then you will have to sell out - wouldn't that be fun?!!!!

Tom Edmondson KKFI Radio said...

The Tenth Voice Radio Show 90.1FM Kansas City has been airing various LGBT artists from OutMusic.com and interviews the past month. We hope more people pay attention to LGBT artists from this award.

Tom Edmondson - Radio Host

lindargeorge said...

Best of luck, Steve!!

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