Monday, January 18, 2010

Three Songs from The Last Session Reunion Concert.

I have three TLS songs and videos from the cast reunion we did on Jan. 13th as part of the Living in the Bonus Round 2010 concert. First, Amy Coleman singing "Somebody'
s Friend." I don't think she's ever been caught on tape doing this. And this night, she was on fire.

Then, Maisey, Amy and I sang "The Group."

Lastly, I have Stephen Bienskie and myself singing "Going It Alone."

Special thanks to Dan Koehler for taping a vocal track, which I combined with the live mic sound from the video camera. Jim is holding the camera.


JH said...

Hearing (and watching) Going It Alone makes me cry every time. Well done all! So wish I could have been there!!

Michael said...

You all look and sound great. I wish I could have been there too!

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