Friday, September 15, 2006

Beautiful Spirit of Broadway

Spirit of Broadway Theatre
It was about three years ago when we performed Big Voice at the elegant Spirit of Broadway Theatre in Norwich, Connecticut. That night, in the words of Brett, the artistic director, was an exciting triumphant night. Not only was it packed, but the response from the crowd was explosive and thrilling. So, when he asked us back for a three-week run, we were very excited.
Spirit of Broadway Theatre
The Spirit of Broadway is a gorgeous little jewelbox located in the historic downtown area of Norwich. It's right across from the city hall, which is stunningly beautiful. It looks like something Disney might try to copy as the perfect small-town city hall. It gleams gold from its spire where there's a shining clock.
Norwich City Hall
My online time is somewhat limited here, so these entries will be a bit brief, but I thought for this first entry, I would just show you a few pictures so you can see where we are.


My favorite thing of all is an old piano they have in the entrance to the lobby. Karen, who is a volunteer -- who we made really great friends with the last time we were here -- decorated it with crucifixes and pictures of Ethel Merman, which she bought on the Internet.
God or Merman?

The big black tie gala is Saturday. They have promised a big table of food and lots of people in tuxes. Can't wait!

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