Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Workin' On The Night Crew (band video)

A band video of the song "Workin' On The Night Crew." Steve, Daniel, Marta & Ned along with KC who couldn't play cuz he had smashed his finger the night before. It sucks to have a job. Everything was done in one take cuz we were too tired to fix any mistakes. Oh, and Daniel's still looking for work. He's the insufferably cute emo-looking straight boy on guitar. Marta, Ned, KC and Steve have a once a year gig in a band called Preocuppied Pipers, part of the International Pop Overthrow.

Produced by Vinnie's Vipers at Timbertrout Studios in Oakland. (Which would be us in KC's garage). Shot on a Sony Handydam with a broken automatic lens cover. KC Bowman: Engineer (with the big glasses), background vocals. Ned Sykes: Drums, background vocals. Marta Sykes: Bass, background vocals, but she is one of the most awesome singers in the world). Daniel Bernstein: Guitar (we didn't actually know he could play -- Steve brought him along to hold the video camera). Steve Schalchlin: Piano, lead vocal.

There is also an mpg4 of this over at http://blip.tv/file/481101 and we encourage mash-ups of our music, especially if you include actual pictures of people workin' a graveyard shift.

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Jeffery said...

Great video and song! I'm not a video 'masher' but I enjoyed the current incarnation.


Jeff (the NCTC usher)

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