Wednesday, July 16, 2008

GALA and the Fabulous USS Metaphor

Steve, Ken McPherson (Captain Closeted) and Jim.

If you could turn laughs into money, we'd have had a mountain of gold at the big GALA event down in Miami on Monday. The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus performed their incredibly witty, expertly written and well-performed "take" on HMS Pinafore called USS Metaphor. And one of the featured singer/performers was my friend, Ken McPherson adapted the concept and wrote the lyrics.

All I can say is the house was rockin'! It's an sharply satirical look at the military's insidiously ridiculous "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and it's available on DVD. I really recommend it for anyone who enjoys a great show, enjoys Gilbert & Sullivan and who understands how stupid the whole policy is.

I went around handing out business cards and looking for more people to sing my songs, of course.

One thing, though. Do NOT eat at the Miami Hilton breakfast buffet. It's absolutely one of the worst, most horrible dining experiences imaginable. The food was inedible, (hard, cold scrambled eggs, etc.) cost nearly 20 dollars AND they added an 18% service charge on top. No wonder Paris Hilton has so much money. They spend 10 cents on the food and pour the rest of it into her icky wardrobe.

Just go spend some money on the DVD of SS Metaphor. You'll love it.

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Bearfuz said...

Hey! I didn't know you guys were there, or I'd have said hello! (Though of course you don't remember me. I'm the accompanist for the NYCGMC and I played for the Ambassadors on Valentine's Day night when you guys hosted the same-sex weddings after your show.)

Anyway, I agree -- Metaphor is a scream!!! Glad you got to see it!