Friday, July 25, 2008

Gypsy Rose Lee Interviews Ethel Merman.

A rare find sent to my by my friend, Doug. From the Gypsy Rose Lee talk show that originated out of San Francisco. It's interesting when Gypsy talks about her mother in this because we later learned, in an article in Vanity Fair, that her mother's last words to her, on her dying bed, was, "If only I could grab you and pull you into hell with me." Not a nice woman, Gypsy's mom.


Amy Lynn said...

I think you posted this before, but it's still great, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, this is a gem to see these two together. Too bad Merman doesn't really say much. I met her in 1973. It was a thrill, but she actually wasn't making any effort to be nice. Still, she was the greatest. Thanx for this, A Boston fan