Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live Online May 22

People have been asking. Yes, my inbox is overflowing with queries from people demanding to know my next public appearance.

It's Friday, May 22. Live on the Internet from Kulak's Woodshed. But don't be late. I'm going on exactly at 8pm PACIFIC TIME / 11pm EASTERN TIME and finishing at 8:30pm. After that, Paul Zollo, my friend and co-writer of "Brilliant Masquerade" will be presenting a night of music. I'm the warm-up act.

It's a free media stream. (Kulak's requests a $10 donation to pay the bills, but otherwise it's a totally free webcast).


Linda Romanelli Leahy said...

Steve is that Pacific Time?

Steve Schalchlin said...

Yes. 5pm Eastern time. 8pm Pacific. (After I posted it, I went back in and re-edited it to reflect this. Thanks for the question).

Gabi Clayton said...

Thanks Steve. I posted this on my blog and the PFLAG-Oly blog.