Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prologue (shot from audience in Olympia).

One last video from Olympia: The Prologue to New World Waking.

EDIT: In the video, Jeff Kingsbury and I exchange a reference about a lyric. It's because, that afternoon, he told me that he had seen canned mixed cocktails in Japan, that he saw it as a very knowing reference. Actually, I just used them because they rhymed and I thought the line was funny.

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Lea Ann said...

Steve, you really put a lyric out there. It's beautiful to listen to, and every word is so there. And btw, they sell canned mixed cocktails in in L.A. (Lower Alabama, specifically Gulf Shores, Alabama)too but do not ask me how I know this.

I keep this song in CD player in my car always!

LA (lea ann)

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