Friday, August 02, 2013

I Just Wanted To Be Superman.

When Darren Rowse spoke at #WDS2013, he spoke of having always wanted to be Superman and how he would be the greatest force for good, etc. A common child's dream. I had it, too. I prayed so hard to be Superboy. To save the world!

As an adult, I see two fantasies in there. The first one, to have super powers. At some point, you realize you're not going to be the Son of Krypton, no matter how hard you wish it or pray it. But the second one, that's the one that trips you up. To save the world. I suppose I grew up in a generation that really believed they could save the world. We knew just what was wrong with it, too.

Here is Darren Rowse's speech at the World Domination Summit. It's for anyone who was ever a dreamer.

Darren Rowse from Chris Guillebeau on Vimeo.

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