Friday, August 09, 2013

Lizzy Days.

Jim comes home on Sunday. Just had my niece here visiting me. Elizabeth Maze, who is a very talented young woman. She and I have a special bond, as I feel I do with all my nieces and nephews. They know Uncle Steve loves them.

We walked down the Hudson River and found a garden with HUGE flowers. I pointed and yelled, "Alice In Wonderland!"

She fell in love the High Line, which is an elevated parkway that once had been a train track.

And she looks gorgeous in a field of bright yellow.

We also saw this unusual structure. The chairs are connected to the roof.

Lizzy is very funny and loves to pose. She did this...

...when she saw this:

Then, she ate a couple of oysters...

And this is the look of absolute bliss, where she couldn't explain how good it was:

And that's how I felt the whole trip. We really got to know each other and laugh at lot together. A great way to spend the days when Jim is gone.

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