Monday, August 05, 2013

Suddenly in Training.

A week or two ago, I started back running. Just a little every day. No more than 15 minutes, then 20. Then, this morning, after about a half hour of running, I did some free weights.

Then it suddenly him me, I'm in training.

I think I mentioned before that last year was a tough for me, physically. With kidney stones and other ailments, I had become more sedentary than I should be and I was getting a big belly, which is a side effect of these drugs, which becomes more prominent if you're not working out.

But coming up on my 60th birthday, I want to look and feel good. I plan to sing some concerts, which I honestly haven't done in several years.

Thanks to the unexpected nature of the World Domination Summit, I have a whole new audience and the aftershocks from that conference are only beginning to be seen, since they haven't posted my set yet on the site, but they are working hard, rolling them out, one by one, each presenter.

Lot's of things are going to be happening this next year. I want to be there for them!

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