Friday, April 28, 2006

The National Anthem

I was kind of appalled to hear that the national anthem is being turned into a political fight about the English language. When Bush today was asked what he thought about the national anthem being sung in Spanish, the immediate answer that could have come from him that would have been so graceful and put this issue to bed immediately would have been to say, "I'd love to hear the national anthem in EVERY language."

But he didn't.


"Imagine what would happen if American Christianity came from the Martin Luther King side of the family rather than the TV evangelist side."


Anonymous said...

That would have been an excellent comment. Unfortunately, leaders are not always good, kind, thoughtful, or even intelligent.

Steve Schalchlin said...

It was the missed opportunity of a lifetime. So much could have been said with that one simple phrase. But "the decider" chose to be "the divider."

Anonymous said...

The Latinos coming into this country should learn English. If they want to speak Spanish let 'em stay in Mexico.

Never should our anthem be heard in anything but English.

Build wall on the Southern border and build it quickly.

Steve Schalchlin said...

I spent a summer in Mexico when I was 19 -- and by the end of the summer I could speak Spanish almost like a native. It didn't mean I didn't love to speak English, but it gave me a love for the language that has lasted to this very day.

People in this country will learn English. It's too omnipresent to miss. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't also know Spanish and every other language they can learn. It used to be a mark of education and civilization to be multi-lingual.

As for the "wall," who's going to build it? And do you really think a wall that long would be impregnable?

Anonymous said...

What KILLED me, is here's a guy who claims that every Amercian should learn english, and my favoite Bushi-sim ever is ofcourse:


That's english?

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