Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nigeria Toughens Criminalization Of Gay Marriage Bill

(Abuja) A proposed law that would impose a prison sentence on same-sex couples who marry has been toughened by the Nigerian Senate to include anyone who attends a gay wedding or is a member of any LGBT organization.

The marriage ban was proposed by President Olusegun Obasanjo and is likely to pass easily, received first reading in the Senate this week.

It would impose a five year sentence on any same-couple who marries or goes abroad to marry. It also bans same-sex couples from living together, wed or not, outlaws adoption by gays and goes so far as to make it a criminal offense to be a member of a gay club, social organization or LGBT civil rights group.

The legislation would also impose a prison term on anyone who attends a same-sex union, witnesses a union or celebrates a ceremony involving gay or lesbian couples.

The bill would include foreigners living in Nigeria - a move that has humanitarian aid organizations concerned....


Anonymous said...

Love your move to Blogspot Steve - makes it much easier to interact with you.

You know that I'm much more conservative then you on this issue (duh!!!) but this Nigerian law really takes the biscuit. Perhaps one could just about make a legal/moral case for the state not recognising or giving any benefit to particular chosen lifestyles, but to criminalise a particular opinion is just way beyond belief.

This law sucks and, as one of the conservatives, I'm desperate for some of the Anglican leadership in Nigeria (who I know) to come out and say so. I'm reminded of the words of Voltaire - "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Steve Schalchlin said...

Peter, so glad you came and checked out my blog. And yeah, I know you're way conservative religiously on the whole gay issue, but I'm glad you are at least reasonable on the issue of criminalizing something like this. And to think they actually want to make it a felony to just ATTEND a ceremony! I'm kinda guessin' these folks don't like the gays. What do you think? :-)

Anonymous said...

The word "homophobia" comes to mind. I'm not so much concerned about it being illegal to attend an event, more that it's illegal to question whether attending an event is illegal.

It's similar to the holocaust denial laws in my native Austria. They inhibit free speech (even if the "free speech" in this case is un-historical and offensive). The same way that the "Day of Silence" does...


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