Friday, September 19, 2008

Help Some Small Town People on the Gulf Coast.

This is from a friend in Texas:

Sept 19th 8 AM

Residents are cleaning up San Leon, pretty much on our own, getting their own backhoes & clearing streets.

We don't know when the county will arrive for the debris clean-up, I'm sure Galv is priority there.

FEMA is giving out mis-information so they are more harm than what little good they are.

The staging PODs are located in towns with little damage (Dickinson-which has power & water, and just lost some branches). BUT when a San Leon resident drives out, most only heard about the Seabrook POD, they are turned away, their PODs say they are for the local residents only. So San Leon residents have wasted all that line
time and gas.

They also think they will get housing help there, and it's just for food and water, which we are already taking care of.

Help can come in now, the resident just has to meet them at the entrance
My Element forum has pulled together, and they are sending in care packages.

It doesn't look like we can wait a month for demo, the mold is kicking my ass!

Sept 19th 10 AM
In response to what they need...


Yeah I know, big stuff

But everyone's garages, appliances were on the ground floor, 70% of the island flooded.

Cleaning supplies, for water damage, insect repellant, sunscreen, everyone is outside and burnt! including ME!
deodorizers, nails & screws --I've been trying to patch the hole in the floor and been scavenging screws.

Speaking of scavenging, just got a call on the radio of people scavenging the copper out of everyone's appliances.

Sept 17th 8 AM

I took a break from the house yesterday, and went out and gave info to to the locals. Stood in the middle of the street and stopped every car and asked them, what do you need? Food, water, housing, water for flushing, ice?  Then sent them to where all that stuff was.

Kenny has water back to 1/2 the town, I organized a quick goat burial for a neighbor after he asked the sheriifs dept, and they said they didn't have time for animal burials.

The neighbor was grateful his neighbor left his goats in the barn and they drowned, he said he could live through mnay things, but that smell will run you out.

Just do it yourself, and it'll get done.

1/2 the water is on, with no help from anyone, food is here thanks to Red Cross. In fact Kenny's office manager is still trying to get housing for the employees through their insurance (Time Management Inc) she said SCREW FEMA!

No one has seen FEMA. 

I actually heard a politician say -"We need to get rid of FEMA"

We're going to get this town back on our own quicker than those that are sitting around waiting for help.
I'm going to go back out to help the town today, my house can wait, heck it's still standing.

I'll send more pics tonight.

Send things via UPS, FED Ex etc. (Jo's name has to be on it so she can meet them at the barricade to the town) to the San Leon MUD (water department):

Jo Keller, Relief Supply Coordinator
San Leon MUD
443 24th St.
San Leon, TX 77539

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