Monday, September 29, 2008

Why The Bail-Out Failure Happened.

I'm no expert in politics but I know why this bail-out failed.

It's because the Bush White House did not sell it to the American people. All we heard was THE SKY IS FALLING!

Well, no one in this country believes Bush when he says this stuff because, like the boy who cried "Wolf," his personal credibility is shot. He's played the fear card so often, no one believes him. Conservatives don't believe him. Liberals don't believe him. Independents don't believe him. Republicans don't believe him. Democrats don't believe him.

So, the entire country, WITHOUT PROVOCATION, showered the congress with emails and faxes -- all of them saying NO.

The reason it failed is because the people spoke. And if the people are making the wrong decision, then someone with some brains and personal credibility -- are there any left? -- will have to step up and make the sale.

It doesn't help that politically pure conservatives, liberals and libertarians all hated it.

Just who do we listen to?

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Anonymous said...

You said.. "Just who do we listen to?"

Well I kind of think we listen to no one. I supported this guy in 1992, but everyone made a buffoon of him. Now look where we are!

Ross Perot (can we now hear that "giant sucking sound")