Saturday, September 06, 2008

Me & Chuck & Palin & Putin.

Someone wrote me and asked me what Chuck's opinion of Sarah Palin was. Chuck was irritated by the fact that she won't face any press.

He lit up a cigarette and leaned over his cart full of cans and bags and bags of cans.

Getting excited, but not getting loud, he said, "She's afraid of this, what are they calling them, 'DC elite.' Who coined that phrase? DC Elite? First it's the Hollywood Elite, the New York Elite and now the DC Elite."

Our conversations merged, so I don't know who said what. He would say something. I would say something. He would say something. And, soon, we were both agreeing on everything. It sounded kind of like this.

"Does this mean she's afraid to talk to the opponent? What about Iran? Russia?"

"Does she think Chris Matthews is more formidable than Vladimir Putin?"

"Would she talk to Vlad if he called?"

"Joe Biden could take that call. And I think Barack Obama can stare down Putin. He's like Captain Kirk. Joe Biden is Spock, except from some planet where the people get excited and talk a lot. But Kirk just keeps his cool and listens, letting everyone else get in over their heads."

"John McCain would be looking at notes trying to remember if it's the Sunnis who... no. The Shiites... wait..."

"And also, let's say McCain becomes President. Who's he gonna get to back him up? The Republicans all hate him. Even if he gets in, he's gonna govern with the Democrats because the Republicans will say no to everything he wants to do except drill for more oil and make war."

We laughed at it all. We both agreed that Jon Stewart was the hardest interview of all because he calls you on your bullshit.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you. When I left Dr. Tony's feeling a bit despondent, yet determined, he said to me, "I wish all my patients were like you. You do take good care of yourself."

I'm learning, Dr. Tony. I'm just learning.

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