Friday, September 05, 2008

Maggie Gets Quoted in USA Today!

My friend and mentor and buddy, Maggie Heineman (that's us, left, in 2006), was mentioned today in USA Today in an article about biking.

Maggie Heineman of Medford, N.J., came to the pursuit late in life. Sitting at the breakfast table in the Old Tavern at Grafton on Day 2, the trim, attractive 72-year-old tells of a lifetime of yo-yo dieting until, at age 67, she got on a bike.

"My goal is to be cycling when I'm 85 because it's social. And it's fun," she says. 

The article goes on to mention how a lot of states are creating new biking paths, and then connecting them together to create a bike version of a highway system across the country. I think this is a terrific idea. 

But I'm very proud of Maggie. And I agree with the reporter. She's a total babe.

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