Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Pantheon" is retitled "New World Waking."

This is to announce that the choral piece I've written for the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus now has a new name and description. For the longest time, I've felt that "Pantheon Bar & Grill" was an okay title, but a bit obtuse and doesn't really tell the audience what it is they're coming to see.

Then, Teddy Witherington, the Executive Director of the Chorus, and Kathleen McGuire, the conductor and artistic director, expressed the same feelings I was having, so, after a weekend of thinking about it, we decided to rename it "New World Waking," which is one of the lyric/musical themes in the piece.

Also, since the concept of a work about "peace" came to me while I was in Olympia playing John Lennon's IMAGINE piano, and since the word "cantata" sounds old and musty (besides the fact that, technically, it's not really a cantata), here is the full new title:

New World Waking
Songs on the Road to Peace
Inspired by John Lennon's Piano

December 1, 2008
Davies Symphony Hall
San Francisco, California
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

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