Saturday, January 20, 2007

Devin Richards

I keep meaning to mention a new singer I've been working with because every time I go over to his place near us to rehearse and show him my material, I get so excited about the music, I forget to take pics or turn on my video camera. His name is Devin Richards and has this astonishingly deep bass voice.

Now, wait, you're saying to yourself. Steve, the tenor, having his songs sung by a bass? Sounds crazy, no?

He's a veteran of numerous Broadway musicals (including the upcoming "110 In The Shade") and, when I was discussing Devin with Mark Janas the other night, we marveled at the fact that Devin's voice actually gets deeper and richer the lower he sings. (Try singing really low and listen to your own voice get smaller and thinner).

The one song he really knocks out of the ballpark is "Beyond The Light." It's absolutely incredible -- but he also sounds fantastic on "Cool By Default," "I Want To Make Music," and "Near You." We have spent most of our time just finding the exact right keys and finding ways to exploit his natural vocal gift. (I promise. When I meet with him again on Monday, I'll turn on the damn camera). Right now, he's putting together a new stage act called "My Own Voice: An Evening With Devin Richards." He blogs about it on his MySpace site.

If you're in New York or planning to be, on June 4th, he'll be at the Metropolitan Room. Do not miss him. I feel so honored that he's going to be singing a song or two of mine.
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