Wednesday, January 31, 2007

God Hates, er, Loves Fags

One of the recent viral videos that has been going around is a music video by a supposed "ex-homosexual" minister named Donnie Davies who has a song where he smiles that smarmy evangelist smile while singing, "God hates fags." Many outside the Christian evangelical bubble thought it was the real deal -- especially because it looks and sounds like ALL those incredibly cheesy "Christian" videos. But, super sleuth that I am, I knew it was a fake immediately because when you go to his website, there is no link to send donations.


Meanwhile, a friend of mine found this brilliant video called "Evangelists need your money."

Some people think that skewering these hustlers, pimps and snake oil salesman through sarcasm and satire is "disrespectful" to religion. But, I say that there's no reason religion should be getting special treatment in this world right now. The world is being torn apart by religion. The shysters and con artists in every religious community, whether they're trying to convince gay people to go straight or that by blowing themselves up they'll suddenly get special rewards in some mythical afterlife, NEED to be exposed for the liars they are.

Only the truth will set us free. And do it with a smile.
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