Monday, January 22, 2007

A Long Day

Yesterday seemed like the longest day of my life. First, we had a matinee. Then after the show, we race to 46th street where we did presentations of both "Big Voice" and "Zero Hour" for a group from the visiting APAP convention -- producers and presenters or something from around the country. Barely able to scarf down half a sandwich, we finished our "shows" about 6:45, whereupon we ran back to 47th street to don our costumes for a 7:00 curtain. Then, the plan was to go back to the APAP thing and do a 9:00 presentation. But we were so tired, and the attendance was poor, so instead, we just went home.

Thanks to Amy for helping us out. But I never want to do THAT again.
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For my birthday, also St. Francis of Assisi Day,

here is "Rescue" the song I sang to Erika Amato 's Buddy the dog. Imagine if we loved humans as much as we love our animals...