Monday, January 08, 2007

Lost In The Village

We had a very responsive crowd last night, so I was excited to get down to the Village to Mark Janas' Salon. It was raining softly, a bit on the cold side. I was wearing my fleece. I took the subway down and got totally lost on Bank St. Wandered the streets in the rain for about a half hour. Gave up. Decided to go to the Monster and then tried calling Mark, hoping he'd be on a break. And he was! Finally made it to the Rouge Bar to be greeted by a big out of town group from Charlotte, NC. They were drunk and loud. I was wet and cold. Still, they quieted down enough and I played a few songs, met a couple of very nice singers, gave them some sheet music and then took the subway home.

Not the most exciting diary entry in the world. I know.
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The Steve Show #screamcry

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