Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Ethel's Birthday!

Ethel Merman Cake
99 years ago last night, Ethel Merman was born. We had a special celebration for the Merm by holding a "Dress Up Like Ethel" contest complete with some wonderful prizes and a celebrity panel of people who knew Ethel telling stories. (And yes, I was there with my video camera which I will edit together soon).

Ethel Merman Birthday Cake
Donald Saddler & Marge Champion.
Donald Saddler, Marge Champion
Marge Champion.
Marge Champion
Steve takes video!
Steve Schalchlin
Jim Brochu moderates the panel.
Jim Brochu
Jim, Donald, Marge and Stephen Cole.

Legend Billy Goldenberg tells a great story about playing for Merman. The conductor demanded that he follow him. But Merman had her own pace. Billy followed Merman. After the show, the conductor told Billy he was fired. Merman overheard it and said, "Wrong! The pianist stays! YOU'RE fired!"
Billy Goldenberg
Contestant Lisa Berman who performs on Long Island "Berman as Merman" (winner).
Lisa Berman
Ruthe McKeown (3rd place).
Ruthe McKeown
Clover Honey (2nd place).
Clover Honey
Her Highness the Empress Gefil Tefish of the Imperial Court.
Her Highness the Empress Gefil Tefish
Christine Pedi from Forbidden Broadway joined us for "Happy Birthday."

Jim, Marge, Donald, Steve.
Jim Brochu, Marge Champion, Donald Saddler, Steve Schalchlin

Jim & Steve cut the birthday cake.
Jim Brochu & Steve Schalchlin cut the birthday cake
Our next event will be Valentine's Day: A mass same sex marriage ceremony. Want to be one of our couples? Write me and let me know! You're in!
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