Monday, November 27, 2006

New York Vagabonds

Our Internet connection will be very spotty over the next few days as we're bouncing from apartment to apartment. We have a sublet that starts on Dec. 11th, but until then, we will be in transit a lot and not sure when or where we'll land or how to find a connection. So, if this blog goes silent for a day or two -- or if our emails don't get responded to -- that's the ONLY reason.

We had good response again on Sunday with several wonderful reviews on the posting boards at All That Chat from some of the regulars. So, that's really good. One mentioned how great the seating is in our theatre. And that's true. The seats are wide, spacious, padded and comfortable with lots of legroom!

Last night, as Mark Janas' artists' salon, we both sang to really amazing response. I thought they'd never stop applauding. And the singers in the room especially like the fact that I've written a score that features actual songs with beginnings, middles and endings rather than a sung-through score. It's still available as a free download at for anyone who wants to print it out and play it!

More later after we find a new place to stay today.
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