Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ovations 2006 Picture Book

Carole Cook & Tom Troupe
Carole Cook & Tom Troupe

Musical Director Jerry Sternbach & Harriet Harris ("Desperate Housewives")
Jerry Sternback & Harriet Harris

David Hyde Pierce
David Hyde Pierce

Neil Patrick Harris hosts.
Neil Patrick Harris

David Hyde Pierce reads the nominations.

Nominated: Zero Hour.

David hands Jim his award. Jim wins!

Jim gives an emotional speech.

"This is my life partner, Steve Schalchlin, who is the wind beneath my wings. And believe me, he needs a lot of wind."

Jim poses with David.
Jim Brochu, David Hyde Pierce

Jim with Neil.
Jim Brochu with Neil Patrick Harris

Jim and Harriet.
Jim Brochu & Harriet Harris
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