Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two Days To New York

My stomach is in a constant state of butterflies.

I know there are a billion things I need to do, but instead, I'm reading news on the Net and sleeping all afternoon. I did, however, go out running yesterday morning after feeding the cats. Speaking of which, I've run out of cat food. Must go to the store this morning.

Two days to New York. And we still don't have a place to stay.

Countdown fever!

Hello, reader. Does it sound like my brain is splattering in thousand different directions? Well, it is! We've been doing interviews and press leading up to our big opening in "the City," as they call it. Which reminds me, where is my winter coat? I know I have one somewhere.

Alexandra Billings came over last night to hang out a bit. We were out on our balcony where she was smoking (STOP SMOKING, ALEX!) and, she being from Chicago, said she and Chrisanne were amazed that it was still sunny and warm here in La La Land. (They finally moved here a month or two ago).

I went out and bought cat food. I cleaned the floors.

Wait! I did do one enormous task that I finished. And if you want to see it yourself, I've even posted on the Big Voice site. I wrote out the entire score to Big Voice all by myself. And it looks beautiful! What did you say? You'd love to play the songs yourself and sing them? Well, then go to the secret score pages and get them!
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