Sunday, August 05, 2007

Opening Night, San Francisco

Here's the front door of the New Conservatory Theatre Center, which is in the basement area of a bank building.Just inside that little portico is a sign with our logo on it.

This is a shot from backstage, looking through the blue curtain out toward the house during our show opening night. I wanted to have a record of the audience reaction just in case it went as well as the other nights.

Well, if the audience reaction during the previews as a 10, last night was a 25.

Seriously. The explosions of laughter went on and on so long, I began to think that maybe the place was filled with nothing by our family members. On crack. There were reportedly 27 member of the media in the audience last night. So, the reviews will start coming out soon. Then we'll see if they enjoyed the show as much as the rest of the audience. I hope they did. We love this theater and we want to sell every last possible ticket.

Now, one of the reasons we got such great laughs might have been the fact that we decided to add a few costumes to the show. It wasn't that easy, of course, to find a way to integrate them, but what you think? Is it me?

No? Well, how about this one?

Or this?

And the two of us together...

See? I told you we'd to anything for a laugh. At the opening night party:

Steve, Jim, Artistic Director Ed Decker, Marketing Director Ed Halvey

So, we had a ball. That's all I can say. I have no control over the reviews. All Jim and I can do is play the show, put it out there, and hope those whose jobs it is to critique our work will be kind to us. What I do know is that the show is firing on all cylinders here in San Francisco. I know why people leave their hearts here. I'm totally in love.

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