Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Video Mob Alert for San Francisco.


If you plan on attending the Wednesday night show (11pm) at the Red Devil Lounge for the world debut of the full band version of "Cool By Default," bring a video camera and shoot the band. Shoot whatever looks interesting to you on stage. Then, send them to me and I'll cut a music video of the event using all the footage.

Now, more about this:

The Preoccupied Pipers have suddenly and mysteriously activated a MySpace account.

As I said before, I am an extended "member" of the Preoccupied Pipers but they are as mysterious to me as they are to everyone else. All I know is we're singing "Cool By Default." I will not get a rehearsal with the band. They are going to learn the song, rehearse it and then I'm going to jump onstage, video camera in hand, and sing it.

This once-a-year band reappears out of the ether, the members gather from around the world, they perform for the International Pop Overthrow, and then disappear again. Here is their description from their website:
(a) Most of the dozen-plus bandmembers used to be in Lawsuit. (b) Lawsuit was a ska/jazz/punk/bubblegum band hailing from Davis California (1987-1996). (c) "Preoccupied Pipers" was originally the name of a 'zine-like yearly cassette collection of homemade Lawsuit demos and other miscellaneous outtakes & experiments. (d) Now it suffices for a band name, though we're more of loose collective than a band. (e) We mostly record bubblegum-psychedelic-buttrock-powerpop and/or stoner-weirdo-comedy songs using commonly available 21st century recording methods... but we also occasionally play live shows. (f) For instance, we play at the International Pop Overthrow festival every year.

Preoccupied Pipers
Powerpop / Psychedelic / Rock

Preoccupied Pipers: General Info
Member Since12/10/2006
Band Websitepreoccupiedpipers.com
Band MembersPreoccupied Pipers recordings typically include contributions from: Ned Sykes, KC Bowman, Michael Ishizue, Jeri Sykes, Paul Sykes, Marta Wilson Sykes, Joe Hayes, Paul Kagiwada, David J Anderson, Dan Ciruli, Barbara West, Stephen Erickson, Phil Sequeira, Andy Siff and Steve Schalchlin...and often many others.
InfluencesBeatles - Sloan - Talking Heads - XTC - Jesus Christ Superstar - The Partridge Family - 70's AM Hits - Mommyheads - Phish - Elliott Smith - Aerosmith - Television - Dukes of Stratosphear - R Stevie Moore - Rush - Bread - Carpenters - Toy Dolls - Fishbone - Andrea Perry - Rosie Rojo - Dead Kennedys
Sounds LikeDorky people with a keen sense of musical gratuity trying to make each other laugh.
Record LabelTimber Trout Recordings
Type of LabelIndie

I'm very proud to be a part of this modern day rock and roll Brigadoon.

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