Monday, April 06, 2009

Amazing Race's Mel White & Mike to be on Fresh Air

I met Mel White a number of years ago when I participated in the first march on Lynchburg. I couldn't understand why I couldn't get through to him when we performed New World Waking in San Francisco. Then a few weeks ago, we put on Amazing Race, Jim's favorite show, and there he was with his son, Mike, who's a hilarious actor and writer. Of course we couldn't get through. They were taping the show!

Sadly, they got thrown off. However, they're going to be on Fresh Air on NPR.

Mel and Mike White

Mel and Mike White to be guests on NPR's Fresh Air with host Terry Gross

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mel and Mike will talk about their recent experience on the CBS program, THE AMAZING RACE.

CLICK HERE for broadcast times in your area!

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Chris said...

I'll let my hubby know...he's an NPR junkie!!!!

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