Thursday, April 23, 2009

American Idol. My First Post on It This Year.

It's going to be Kris and Adam in the final.

They're both adorable and they both genuinely have talent. Also, both of them make the girls scream. Myself, I love Danny Gokey's singing. He kills me every week.

Adam Lambert, America's Great Gay (wink, wink) Hope, is going to be a huge Broadway star. Every week, I tune in just to find out what he's going to do, and I know I'm not alone. But the problem with being a Jack of All Trades is that it becomes harder to sell that. Few people want an album that goes back and forth because exotic Indian music and hardcore Thrash. (He seems like a really sweet guy and I think he has one of the most remarkable voices I've heard in year, but when he sang "Another One Bites The Dust," he looked like Liza Minelli. Forgive me, Adam.)

Kris might have a career ahead of him, but, the sad fact is that, in the industry, the perception is that boy pop singers don't last long. Ya gots ta be a diva to kick radio's ass. He's great singing classic great songs. But what will he sound like if he comes out with a CD full of second rate love songs?


Archie. David Archuletta.

No offense to my fellow songwriters, whoever you are. But I have to make a comment.

What a dreadful, dreadful song. One which squeezed his voice and managed to almost make me forget what a good singer and lovely presence he can be. After his record sales die, assuming he gets any airplay at all, he'll go back to his piano and do what he was meant to do:

Sing my songs.

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