Friday, April 03, 2009

Freedom To Marry: Iowa and maybe Vermont.

This morning, the Iowa Supreme Court made the right decision and ruled that it is illegal and unconstitutional to deprive gay and lesbian people of the right to marry. In Vermont, the House passed a law to allow same sex marriage.

This is great news for all people because to deprive anyone of equality is to deprive all people of equality before the law.

I rejoice with the people of Iowa, though I know the bigots will be out in force. Already, the loudest and most egregious homo-haters are doing their best to turn this into a Doomsday scenario for America. One, in particular, says this is "an attack on midwestern values." You know, because midwesterners hate marriage.

But it reminds me of picking up an old TIME magazine from the 30s. I was reading the letters to the editor where an outraged southerner was blasting the magazine because they dared showed a picture of well dressed black person on the steps of a national courthouse. The letter fumed, "How dare you insult southern values!"

Yes, how dare we insult anyone by wanting the same rights as straight people.

Press release from the IA supreme court

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