Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back in Texas

I knew I was back in Texas when I stepped off the plane and the blanket of humidity hit me in the face. There's a huge stormfront lying low over Houston and there's news of tornadoes on the tv.

Stages Repertory Theater is full of old friends from our trip here four years ago with The Big Voice. We love them and they, thankfully, love us.

The flight was exhausting, but we decided to attend the opening night of "I Am My Own Wife" which, ironically enough, features the same actor we shared a dressing room with the last time we where here. At the time he was at an adjoining stage performing "Dirty Blonde."

Today, Jim has a long day of setting up "Zero Hour." The staff is young and cute. We are looking forward to a wonderful month here. I'll write more later. Right now, it's time for a shower.

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