Monday, April 23, 2007

Thinking Out Loud.

The consequence of having been raised in a devout home where there was not a speck of religious hypocrisy is that you realize:

1. It can be done.

2. It's a relaxed and joyful place. Not a prison.

3. When you get out into the world, you realize that you have not been trained to deal with the fact that most religious people, including the clergy, ignore what their church actually teaches -- and they create a comfortable place for themselves outside the walls of doctrine and theology and inside the walls of the church structure itself.

At first it's shocking. You go looking for a set of rules that make sense. But then, your humanity takes over and you realize that this is the condition of mankind and religion. And thus it has ever been. This is how we survive the church, the clergy and all the man-made devices standing up, proclaiming themselves to be God's representatives.

It's the religious version of "Network."

Can the world actually face a truth teller? Can it endure such a thing? What happens to truth tellers?

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