Monday, April 16, 2007


Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be in show biz. Dale Radunz sent this note about an incident that happened right after a performance of The Big Voice.

This is funny...a young woman, early forties, who stood up at the end of the show and led our little standing O, was asking Carl and I the usual questions about the show on her way out. You know, it this a true story, etc., We pointed out your pictures and started to explain that we had replaced the two of you, basically, the whole story. She said, "Oh, so you're the understudies?" We went on to explain, even more thoroughly, or so we thought, that we replaced you and that you were going on to do other things, Jim, Zero Hour, Steve, composing and that you'd be doing TBV in SF in August.

After all of that (it seemed to go on forever) and mind you, we were still collecting and explaining simultaneously, perhaps the ultimate in multi-tasking, she seemed to finally understand. However, as she was walking down the steps of the shul, she turns to the elderly man she was with and said, and I kid you not, "Gee, what a good show, and to think, we saw the understudies."

Ah, Show Biz....


PS The bonnet is going to be absolutely grand!

The "bonnet" he is referring to is part of the big Broadway Cares/Equity Fight AIDS Easter Bonnet competition. We've been collecting money at the door after every performance. And people have been giving us a lot!

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