Friday, April 27, 2007

He Had To Say Something.

Mike Jones' book, "I Had To Say Something" is being released in June. As readers of this blog know, I have become good friends with Mike Jones and I consider him to be a hero of the last election. Rev. Ted Haggard worked against gay and lesbian people, while doing drugs and having sex with men.
Mike was a hustler at the time and Haggard, who was fighting against a gay marriage bill in Colorado, was one of this clients who called himself "Art." When Mike saw him on TV ranting and raving against gay people, he knew he, indeed, had to say something.

Get this book. Support Mike. He's a beautiful man.


labman said...

This is PATHETIC! If I hear one more person on S/U say that there is "NO" active GAY AGENDA to bring down,RUIN and DISGRACE "ANYONE" who disagrees with the Gay lifestyle(like I do) or is an evangelical (as I am) and that Gays are not as mean spirited and Evil as the Bigots They "claim" to be fighting, Then you are full of SHITE! Ok lets do a Back ground (or back door) on this LOSER Mike Smith (I'm sure thats not even his real name) First of all he wants you to believe he's an intelligent "AUTHOR" who actually wrote the book himself (I'm sure he had allot of help from a radical Homosexual Group, it would take a whole gaggle of queens to write a whole book)when in reality He is /was a Male Prostitute and body builder and drug addict. He was on Geraldo Last night and Geraldo gave this pathetic whore (I mean that in oh so many ways) and Geraldo gave HIM, HIM this little low i.q. twit with so much self worth that he gave/gives blow jobs to other men for Money, credit for giving the election to the DEMOCRATS last year! LOL! Give me a break, Geraldos One and only hard hitting question was did you do this to change the election? And pathetic Whore answers "were here to talk about homosexuality!". In the END (ahh good stuff) he admitted that he wanted to release this information before the election to throw off some conservatives and make them vote for Dems. Totally laughable and absolutely unbelievable that this had much at all to do with Democrats winning the majority (by one person I might add). The Democrats won the majority because the PEOPLE voted against the war based on the rhetoric and whining of all but the loudest of the Democrat nightmare brigade which is yet another subject. No this little insignificant gnat is only trying to make a little more "Meth money" to try and bring down the moral majority until he SUCKS it dry(never gets old)and then he'll move back into his little HOLE(help I cant stop!) and goes back to what he does Best WHORING. Pathetic, really Pathetic.

Steve Schalchlin said...

You have totally discovered our plan.

> I'm sure he had allot of help from a radical Homosexual Group

I don't know what an "allot" is. Is it some kind of fruit? Vegetable?

Your feelings about Mike Jones might sound logical from your perspective. But I've met him and he really is the real deal. He's a wonderful person who found himself in the middle of a very big story because he chose to reveal the name of someone who was battling gay people while hiring a male prostitute. Rev. Haggard was a hypocrite and he had national influence. Did Mike's story bring down the Repubs during the election? I think it did. It kept the story of corruption in the headlines. And given how corrupt the Republican Congress was, it was an apt subject.

The people in the preacher's church have actually welcomed Mike and many of them thanked him for his personal credibility.

Yeah, he was a prostitute. Does that make you a better person than him?

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