Monday, June 05, 2006

Beirut Veterans Memorial Walk Is A Go.

If you go here, you will see the official page of the Beirut Veterans Memorial Walk. There, you will hear my song, "My Thanksgiving Prayer" playing in honor of these men and their families.

The plan is to walk 241 laps around Consitution Gardens on the National Mall. I'm humbled that these veterans have chosen my song to help commemorate the lives of these men, who are counted as the first casualties of the War on Terror. From the page:
"On October 21-23, 2006, we will walk in remembrance of those killed that fateful day. Our walk will conclude at Arlington National Cemetery where 22 of those brave men are buried. The White House Commission on Remembrance will be holding a remembrance ceremony in Section 59, 12:00 noon on October 23, 2006.

"The final leg of our walk will be from the Lincoln Memorial accross Memorial Bridge into Arlington arriving at Section 59 in Arlington National Cemetery, and will raise awarness to those who came back home a different person; dedicated to those living each day with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Survivors Guilt. A few Beirut Veterans having since returned home have taken their own lives as a result of their struggle with PTSD/Survivors Guilt. This has to change. We honor and acknowledge them as well.

"Will you join us? Wont you walk a lap or three, 50, ... or even all? Each lap is approx. 1/2 mile around the pond/gardens and takes under 10 min. to complete. Those not walking the full distance will be given an index card before each lap with a Marine, Sailor, or Soldier's name/information killed while serving as a Peacekeeper, after you complete his lap, please sign the card on the back, and return so someone else can walk in his memory. Those 'going the distance' will receive a roster with all the names/information accordingly, checking a name after each lap completed.

"The walk is free and open to Beirut Veterans, Family Members, Veterans, Active Duty Military and the general public. (Anyone affected by terrorism)

Saturday 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm - 10:00pm
Monday 8:00 - 10:30am / Head to Arlington National Cemetery
There is also a Beirut stamp (see above) being proposed. Go here to read about it and sign the petition. The objective is to have this stamp commissioned on/before the 25th Anniversary
October 23, 2008.
"They Came In Peace"
Semper Fidelis


Dogtags said...

Im debating on doing this in combat boots....! (Hello Dr. Scholls inserts?!?!)


SM2_Ayers said...

This is VERY exciting indeed and will help raise awareness for the 2008 Beirut Remembrance Walk.