Saturday, June 10, 2006

Evangelicals fighting each other over "choice."

An interesting article in the Washington Post today details a little squabble going on with evangelicals. The issue is whether the government should force cable networks to allow people to "pick and choose" the stations they want to pay for, with the ability to exclude the ones they don't want.

Groups like Concerned Women for America want families to be able to exclude, for instance, stations like MTV or Comedy Central or FX, which have what they consider to be "indecent" programming such as "South Park" or "The Shield."

However, Christian broadcasters oppose this plan because they fear most viewers would choose to exclude the detestable Christian Broadcasting Network or the horrid Trinity Broadcasting Network. Frankly, I'm more offended by their partisan politics and homophobic ranting and raving than I am by South Park's crassly vulgar send-ups of society.

I would be first in line to get rid of these pieces of pious crap from my TV. It makes me mad that I'm forced to have them on my channel line-up when there are other networks I'd much rather be watching.

It's truly wonderful to watch CBN and TBN defending their turf, while simultaneously defending the inclusion of material they oppose. But then, has anyone ever really thought they were ever after anything but money?

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