Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Keeping The Issue Closeted

In a stunning insightful op-ed piece in the LA Times, David Link makes note of something very interesting about George Bush's speech about the proposed constitutional amendment against gay marriage.
"His Saturday radio address to the nation had no mention of gay couples — or even homosexual individuals."
Don't you find that odd and interesting? Or, as he puts it:
"Apparently, for the president, this is an argument of heterosexuals, by heterosexuals and for heterosexuals."
It put me in mind of one of another President who was afraid to tell the truth. How many years did Ronald Reagan go without mentioning AIDS, blythely allowing it to grow and spread, killing off as many gay men as possible before he finally came to grips with this disease that has now killed more people than any disease in history?

Funny how, when it comes to gay men and women, the closet -- SILENCE -- seems to be the most common factor. The pseudo-science groups that bolster the phony theories behind the exgay war against gay people do it by insisting that gay people do not, in fact, exist.

And in the gay marriage debate, apparently, for this President, gay people -- the ones who are being directly targeted by him and the right wing religious political forces -- also do not exist.

Well, if we don't exist, then why are they trying to change the consitution of the United States?

And why the skullduggery? I can only conclude the obvious. They are ashamed of themselves. Shame is why people hide. This is why the leaders of Exodus keep pretending that this issue isn't about gay people. Or, as Randy Thomas put it to me in an email, "You gays are so self-centered. You think this is all about you."

Well, yeah, Randy. It is all about us. Without us, you wouldn't be trying to pass this amendment. Without us, you wouldn't have a job. Without us, the President wouldn't have been making that speech. In his post about the subject on his blog, Randy is appalled at the tactics of Fred Phelpsian protestors screaming about hating gays. Well, Randy, there's one thing Fred has over you and your buddies and the President pretending this amendment isn't about gay marriage.

Between all of you, Fred is the honest one.


Christine Bakke said...

Amen. And Amen. Nodding my head vigorously. Thank you for continuing to tell the truth for so many years, Steve. You are an inspiration to me.

Steve Schalchlin said...

Christine, it's people like you who have witnessed and survived the exgay ministries who inspire me. I know that right now, Exodus is conning hundreds and thousands more parents, grandparents and families of gay people; not to mention the gay and lesbian people themselves. With your personal testimonies, the falsehoods of their morally bankrupt movement are exposed.

Dogtags said...

Has anyone heard from Anita Bryant recently?