Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Free International Phone Calls?

I just read in David Pogue's column in the NY Times about Futurephone. If you have a unlimited long distance calling plan on your phone service now, you call their Iowa phone number, 712-858-8883, then dial 011, the country code + the number you want and you can have completely free international long distance phone conversations. Over 50 countries are included in the service. No registration. No fee. No nothing.

The only limitation is that it doesn't include cell phones in foreign countries yet, so your recipient must be at a land-based number.

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mel78 said...

Although this song will always belong to Jennifer Holliday (I STILL get shivers when I hear her sing it - what a voice!!), Hudson does a very decent job of it. I believe people will walk away from this movie remembering Jennifer Hudson instead of Beyoncé (which will be much to Beyoncé's dismay - who I think is a bit overrated anyway).

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