Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Golden Watch Chain

Alexandra Billings and her partner Chrisanne Blankenship-Billings have directed a new play in Los Angeles called "The Golden Watch Chain, A farce in Two Acts."

She describes it as being "very silly and very dark."

The postcard looks fab. Unfortunately, in her email blast, she didn't provide ticket pricing or a phone number. (And exactly how long have you been in this business, Ms. Billings?) But, the postcard does mention a theatre, The Globe Playhouse in West Hollywood. So, upon searching Theatremania, we found this page with this most vital information along with a capsule description:

The Golden Watch Chain is political satire meets classic door slam farce. On the eve of becoming the first ever female recipient of the coveted Golden Watch Chain Award, self-help author Paige Turner must deal with a blackmailer who knows she once posed as one of the infamous "Kittens of the Month" for Puss 'n Boots Magazine. But trying to leave your past behind can be difficult when you also have to deal with dissatisfied employees, a bitter twin, and the secret machinations of award politics.

1107 North Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Tickets: 323-960-1052

The Golden Watch Chain Ticket Prices
$15.00 student/senior
$10.00 Groups 10 or more

Sounds like fun!

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