Sunday, October 08, 2006

Star Trek: New Voyages?

Since I am both a comic book and Star Trek geek, I was fascinated by a project of Star Trek fans who decided to return to the source -- the original series -- and create brand new episodes of Star Trek using all the original characters and set designs. In effect, using new actors, they have written and filmed new episodes of Star Trek taking off from right where the original series left off. They built new sets using the original blueprints and, because computer technology is so much more advanced now, they can do space sequences.

Still skeptical, I went to the website -- Star Trek: New Voyages -- and, after poking around, I found their first episode at Google Video. It's called "In Harm's Way." It was a little startling at first to see different actors playing Kirk and Spock and the rest, but the script was so tightly written and so closely hewed to the original format, I was sucked in until I watched the whole thing. Since it was a time travel plot, it didn't exactly make a lot of sense, but it was fun to watch!

The acting isn't exactly stellar, but once into the episode, I got used to them and just imagined the originals saying all these lines. I'm not sure non-Trekkers would get into this, but you can tell that the writers know their Star Trek. Also, they even include some actors from the original series in small roles. For a homemade project done out of sheer love, I have to hand it to them. It's a total success. Here is that first episode:


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