Thursday, October 26, 2006

The New Jersey Spin

It's interesting watching the various news outlets handle the yesterday's court decision in New Jersey that gay couples should be entitled to the same rights as straight couples. The Republicans were hoping that the court would institute gay MARRIAGE, which it didn't, so they could use it as a campaign vote-getter. It said that it was up to the people to call it whatever they wanted to call it -- civil unions, marriage, whatever.

However, Drudge, the conservative board headlined, "NJ opens door for GAY MARRIAGE." He's trying desperately to help the Repubs. No doubt the right wing radio will be spinning this like crazy. At James Dobson's site, Focus on the Family, they headline, "New Jersey High Court Tells Lawmakers to Redefine Marriage." Which, of course, they did not. They simply said that gay citizens should be treated equally before the law, a concept that enrages cultural neo-conservatives.

Over at Huffington Post, the headline reads, "NJ Backs Equal Rights For Same-Sex Unions..." which is more accurate but less enflammatory.

Isn't politics fun? Let's do the New Jersey Spin!

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